My Mor Mor was a really wise woman…and I like to do anything and everything she suggested, especially if it was Christmas related! So this is where a “christmas break” started. Every day she would have a little treat or do something Christmas related with her kids. Just as simple as that. I love this because so often we rush through the holidays and don’t really celebrate until the day of. I know I like to celebrate my birthday in weeks not days…but this is far better! Although it is already into December (and no I never did that advent calendar I wanted to) but this seems pretty doable and enjoyable to me.

My “Christmas break” today…




I hope everyone will do a “christmas break” with me every day and share it! I will share it on my instagram (@sammiekk #christmasbreak) every day instead of making you read a post about it every time I do something wonderful! :)

4 thoughts on “a “christmas break”

  1. stacey

    I loved doing this when I was a kid. She put up a little sign in the kitchen to let us know when we would be doing “our Christmas break”. Sometimes it would be a simple cup of hot chocolate, sometimes the break would be a little more elaborate . . .


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