When Spring starts to creep up on me, I start to get this itch, that I need to completely redo my bedroom…because how it is now, just isn’t cutting it! Do you feel like that? Im sure if I waited the feeling out, it would pass. But I couldn’t wait…so I decided to put together a little bit of a feminine bedroom together to dream about! It’s helping my itch to even just pretend I am sprucing up my room right this very minute with all these beauties…

room spruce up

First, let’s envision this room with light/warm grey walls…because grey walls make me happy. But these items would look good with other colors as well…maybe white, royal blue, coral, striped, brick, dark grey, wood, basically any neutral, and etc…

1. Agate bookends, perfect for adding a touch of color…but focusing on the outdoors and natural beauty.

2. I just wanted a splash of white fluff…and this Pillow was perfect for that!

3. Gold, polka dot sheets…what a dream!

4. An elegant, and unique headboard to fit perfectly with the feminine spruce up!

5. I absolutely adore this bedspread! The paint strokes are so calming and exciting to me. It provides the perfect amount of color!

6. And a gold, side table to use as your nightstand…I am there! I am all about simplicity these days. This is simple, yet beautiful and charming.

7. Sick of the normal bedside lamps like I am?! I love that this lamp is just the bulb with a touch of wood. Perfect for that whole simplicity thing I have a hankering for. :)

8. And you can’t forget a little wall love, to spice things up! I was totally sold on the fact that this deer is a smaller version. It is just the right size to hang in that room of yours, that really isn’t all that big…but you have just been wanting one of these babies so bad!


What is your room hankering for? All I want is light, color, nature, and calm for my dreary basement room…

Have a fantastic weekend lovelies!!







4 thoughts on “a hankering for a bedroom spruce up

    1. Samantha Knaphus Post author

      Thank you so much! I saw the bedspread and couldn’t stop swooning over it! Maybe it’s because I feel like I could become a painter if I slept with that bedspread. 😉


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