I have had my eye on wooden sunglasses for quite some time now. I look at them and I just get giddy. But i haven’t brought myself to buy them…probably because it is REALLY hard for me to commit to sunglasses. I have no idea why I have a commitment problem to sunnies! So I had this great idea to gift them to my boyfriend for Christmas to try them out. I knew he would love them…and I knew I would love looking at him wearing them;) Little did I know the post office was too backed up to deliver his on time for Christmas…but, SURPRISE…I GOT A  WOODEN PAIR OF SUNGLASSES! How lucky am I?! He nailed it on that gift! And I am here to tell you I have committed to these said wooden sunnies…and I am in LOVE. If you have been having a hankering for a wooden accessory, look no further because I have found it for you. (With help of course)


Outfit look familiar? I wore that here.


Lizzie Love Photography

Alright, alright, I will tell you where to get this pair of wooden sunnies.

Shwood, and mine are the belmont style.

Enjoy your new favorite pair of sunglasses!


7 thoughts on “a hankering for sunnies…

  1. stacey

    Sammy—I bought some wooden sunglasses about 6 months ago . . . I haven’t worn them yet and you just reminded me to pull them out!!!!

    Thanks Chika!


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