Happy Monday! So weird that we are already into February, I fell like January only lasted a week! As you might have gathered from my last post, I love love and this holiday we call Valentines day…so I am already thinking of the valentines that I can make people! Im sure everyones mind is turning, thinking of ideas for all your Valentines, and what you should do for them…you have probably found many wonderful ideas from Pinterest! This idea has been around for quite some time, but I wanted to show you that you can make it completely your own and not the basic write on the card type of deal.

52 reasons why I love you…







– Start with any deck of cards that can get some paint on it 😉




– I left the red side on mine just red…with a few splatters of paint that happened to get on them.




– Before I had decided on my paint and colors.




– I decided to paint the card box as well…but be warned, the cards get thicker and it gets pretty snug trying to fit them back into the box…which ended in ripping the box a little.




– I chose a few paint colors that I wanted to work with, and went wild! I wanted each card to look different but all go together. I also had some stamps that i used for texture and design for some of the cards.




– I loved that each card had it’s own unique character! I wrote each reason on a piece of paper, and then tore the edges.


52 reasons...


– I used mod podge to apply the pieces of paper to the playing cards.


I loved working on this Valentine! It was fun to add a little bit of myself to all the reasons why I love my babe. I especially liked the fact that I was writing down all these reasons instead of just thinking them and keeping it to myself or saying one thing every now and then. For some reason I sometimes like expressing myself in writing (maybe because it’s not as scary). And, I really do enjoy all the mushy gushy stuff…so this was a good way to get that stuff out…and add those little bits of hilariousness! :) Have you started your Valentine making, or are you more of a last minute kind? Im both…ha I can be prepared sometimes, or it’s all on a whim! Love you lovely people!







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  1. Sam's Babe

    This was honestly the best valentine I have ever had! So creative and genuine! I’m excited to see what you are going to do this year!


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