Hey there, this is Mia! Sammie gave me the honor to guest blog for St. Patrick’s Day. So, Top of the Morning to you.

Growing up Sammie desperately wanted to be Irish & would tell people she actually was. I guess it was an “if you can see it, you can be it” kind of delusion.

Our family has always celebrated St. Patrick’s day in a big way. The menu is always the same (soda bread, Irish stew & cabbage cooked in an obscene amount of butter. The evening was always capped off in a rousing game of “Bowling for Greenbacks”. Plastic pins were set up down a long hall & we each made a few attempts (no matter how lame) to get a strike using a bowling ball the size of a grapefruit. The reward? A crisp dollar bill. Our family will pretty much do anything or endure familial humiliation for a buck.

I wanted to come up with a funky appetizer. I thought of all the flavors of St. Patrick’s Day & came up with the perfect Irish bite. Ladies & gentlemen, I proudly present to you…

Leprechaun Cigars!

I combined chopped corned beef, Swiss cheese & colcannon to make a hearty concoction. As a vehicle to get the mess to my mouth, decided to wrap it up in a egg roll wrapper & fry it. For the uninitiated, colcannon is a scrummy mix of butter, potatoes, cream & cabbage. In a nod to Sam’s oldest brother, we renamed the potato mixture “Cool Kanon”.


Never having made egg rolls before I enlisted my sidekick, Sam & dove right in.

Some egg roll truths I learned were to resist the urge to use too much filling (we used about 2 T.) & to watch your oil temp. Our first attempt with oil that was too hot resulted an egg roll the color of a Baby Ruth bar.

egg roll






creepy face


all rolled


We lowered the temp a little (325° – 350°) & were rewarded with a beautiful golden brown that took only a few minutes to fully cook. Our naked cigars (not naked leprechauns) practically screamed out for a sauce of some sort & I settled on a trio of them.

Horesradish Cream, Mustard Horseradish Sauce & a Thousand Island suited the cigars perfectly.

These babies rocked…

leprechaun cigars








Here are the links to the sauces that were used…although, we did tweak to our liking when they were made…feel free to do the same:)

Horseradish Cream Sauce.

Mustard Mayo.

Thousand Island Dressing.


Thank you Mia for the most delicious St Paddy’s day food I have stuffed my face with!! I hope you all try it and enjoy! I am craving it so bad right now…must eat now!


Hope your day is filled with lots of luck!




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