Samantha Knaphus, Designer

Hi! I’m Sam, Sammie, or Samantha…any will do! I have a passion for life and everything that makes us unique. Design is a part of that. I believe that the space you live and work in should reflect all of your quirks that make life fun!

My love for design started as a young one…and it just keeps growing. I received my degree in Interior Design four years ago, and I have recently obtained my Real Estate license. I love all aspects of design…from finding the perfect fixer upper…down to the smallest detail.

The things that inspire me…being able to share my ideas and creativity…incorporating you…uniqueness…laughter…creating a space that makes you happy…kindness …beautifully put together spaces, it makes my heart happy! There…a little snapshot into my mind…

Life is full of all sorts of hankerings, so why not share?!







Laurie Knaphus, Designer

I love the details. I love the colors, the textures, the joining of beauty and functionality. I love finding ‘that one thing’ that makes all the difference. Original art speaks to me. I love the element of surprise in a room, the unusual, the talk-worthy. I love and appreciate all design styles…well except for Early American, which I will never understand! Symmetry is great, but things asymmetrical are more fun! I love options…there’s always more than one way to get where you want. I love and appreciate sentiment, it makes a house a home. I believe that everywhere your eyes land…should reflect something you love. I am a big fan of ‘RE.” RE-purpose. RE-invent. RE-arrange. RE-discover. My goal is to design a space that matters. There you go…my design philosophy in a nutshell.

I’m quirky, artsy and think outside the box…oh my! I’ve been designing for most of my life. Combined…we have 35 years under our belts. I am so excited to be joining forces with my amazing, talented daughter…and launching hank•er•ing Design.

What is it you’re hankering??