So I have found this amazing bag that I have gotten so many compliments since I got it…that I needed to share with everyone! I have really been needing a good looking bigger bag to fit everything in it when I need it to…just like Mary Poppins. It works for the weekdays, and even for a weekender bag!

I had passed by this bag so many times when I had walked through Forever 21, and I just never bought it…but I couldn’t stop thinking about it! What really caught my eye was how amazing the color looked with the gold accents…this could be the bag I could dress up, or dress down easily! And of course, as I am telling you this…it is nowhere to be seen on the website! But I just saw multiples in the store only a few days ago!

















Shirt – J Crew Factory.

Old skirt – Anthropologie.

Shoes – Forever 21.

New favorite gold earrings – Gypsy Threads.

Necklace – J Crew.

What has been your favorite bag lately?! I love changing to a different bag all the time!

P.S. I have worn my hair in a bun basically every day for a couple weeks now…I am sick of my hair and doing my hair at the moment! Maybe I will wear it down again one day…


4 thoughts on “all about the bag

  1. Michelle

    Love the colour of the bag against those wine-coloured shoes! It must be bun season because I’ve been doing the same thing with my hair too. It’s sort of related to that ‘blah, whatever!’ weather we’re having :-)


    1. Samantha Knaphus Post author

      It is such a good color combo! Haha you must be right! Blah bun weather! I must get more creative with my updos! It’s like I’m repeating the same outfit every day for my hair!


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