I do not have a green thumb…so it’s a good thing that you don’t need to have one with a terrarium! I have this cool jar in my kitchen…it’s typically filled with Cocoa Puffs…not that there’s anything wrong with Cocoa Puffs! This is my healthier…and much cooler…version of the Cocoa Puff jar… This is what you will need: Glass jar with a lid Rocks (I got mine at a dollar store) Potting soil Charcoal soil conditioner Plants that enjoy moisture and… Read more »

As of late coffee tables have been heavily on the mind for me. It might have to do with the fact that my current coffee table situation is a disaster. A makeshift table that moves anytime you touch it…even if you think about touching it…it’s done for! So here is a roundup of inspiration for the coffee table I really want in my living room.   Lets talk about how much of a sucker I am for this marble pedestal table…. Read more »

Just in case you haven’t noticed…things are changing over here on this blog/now website! I am so excited to announce that i have joined forces with my amazing talented mom, and we will be known as hank•er•ing DESIGN! Yes, I know…it’s about time we did this! hank•er•ing DESIGN brings design with a passion…unique, authentic, functional, and incorporating YOU into a space YOU love. We are well rounded in the world of design and can’t wait to see what we can… Read more »

Remember that one time I disappeared…and it had been so long that I almost forgot how to even blog?!?! That was a rough moment. The good news, I am back and haven’t forgotten! Sorry it took me so long(Mom)! I felt a lot of pressure that when I wrote again that it needed to be an amazing post and that I needed to prove I was awesome…but then I realized that was holding me back from getting back to it…. Read more »