There was this one time…actually two times I went to the most amazing concert. Passenger was playing in San Francisco, so why wouldn’t we go venture out there and see him?? We got there early and propped ourselves right in front of the stage. It was a unique night because he decided not to play the set he had planned, but to play the songs that he felt like playing. I have honestly not seen a better performer…you could feel… Read more »

It’s not even summer yet and I can’t stop dreaming of the beach! It is finally warming up a little in Utah…but once I say that, im sure it will snow or something! That means it is a perfectly good time to dream about my essentials beach list!         My most important essential…sunblock. My dad even renamed my middle name, Samantha Karoline Red Hair Fair Skin Sunblock, Dammit Knaphus…so I would remember my sunscreen and not pretend… Read more »

Remember that one time I told you I had been taking a lovely class, Blog With Pip?! Well this idea is from that class and the wonderful Pip over at Meet Me At Mikes! I loved reflecting on multiple things and writing it down in a list. I had always reflected from time to time in the past, but never really thought about writing a list about just the day-to-day things that travel through your mind. I always felt like… Read more »

If you live in Utah, then you are well aware of the crazy weather we have…and how it teases us in every season. A few days ago the sun was out and I wanted to wear sandals and throw away my coats! Now…I want to wear my sweats and cuddle up in my blankets. I was tricked, and I have some severe hankerings for Spring now! Going outside doesn’t satisfy my hankering because everything is covered in snow…so I needed… Read more »