The other week I got to spend time at The Paint Mixer, and it was an amazing afternoon! I went with my mom and my aunt for a day of wonderful times to be had! Not going to lie, I was not so sure about going to a painting class…I have never been much of an artist, and always felt overwhelmed of what to paint and how to go about it. Give me something to build or design and I… Read more »

  This is something I have definitely been having a hard time balancing lately. Sometimes my thoughts just take over my life and they become a bit ridiculous…maybe one of my thoughts was valid and truthful…but then it just keeps going and going and becomes not so valid and truthful. It is definitely frustrating to feel like you have no control over your thoughts and how they are affecting you. Maybe there is a certain situation weighing on your mind… Read more »

leprechaun cigars

Hey there, this is Mia! Sammie gave me the honor to guest blog for St. Patrick’s Day. So, Top of the Morning to you. Growing up Sammie desperately wanted to be Irish & would tell people she actually was. I guess it was an “if you can see it, you can be it” kind of delusion. Our family has always celebrated St. Patrick’s day in a big way. The menu is always the same (soda bread, Irish stew & cabbage… Read more »


Green has always been one of my favorite colors! It reminds me of the Earth, and that Spring is just around the corner! This is not just a one time hankering…it is all the time! Green is definitely the color for St. Patrick’s day…so all of these things would go nicely for the holiday and for you to wear and use them to be festive!  Check out this awesome green bucket.  Beautiful shoes.  Because you should love animals enough to put… Read more »