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Hey there, this is Mia! Sammie gave me the honor to guest blog for St. Patrick’s Day. So, Top of the Morning to you. Growing up Sammie desperately wanted to be Irish & would tell people she actually was. I guess it was an “if you can see it, you can be it” kind of delusion. Our family has always celebrated St. Patrick’s day in a big way. The menu is always the same (soda bread, Irish stew & cabbage… Read more »

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I’m pretty positive you have been having a real hankering for some S’Mores…because I know I have! ( And if I were being honest, there is never a time I don’t have a hankering for S’Mores. They are my weakness.) Since I don’t have a fire pit or a working fireplace and I am sick of using the stove top to roast my mallows…I needed to get more creative! So I was looking through Pinterest and came across S’Mores stuffed… Read more »

So, Chinese New Year is coming up…and I have been craving my moms Chinese ramen salad…it was finally made, and I am sharing with you! It is delicious, and I could probably eat the entire batch to myself. I will not admit how much I have already had so far…let’s just say it is something you need to make! Not sure where my mom really got this recipe, but it just ended up in our family cook book because it… Read more »

One of the best elements about the holidays is the downtime you get to spend with your friends and family. So I felt like this was a perfect time to have a girls day with my cousins, who I adore. I teamed up with beauty blogger, Elise from beauty on the brain for her amazing skills to beautify us! It was a day filled with fun, makeup, spiced cider, and of course a photo shoot to document it! Im lucky to have… Read more »