If you live in Utah, then you are well aware of the crazy weather we have…and how it teases us in every season. A few days ago the sun was out and I wanted to wear sandals and throw away my coats! Now…I want to wear my sweats and cuddle up in my blankets. I was tricked, and I have some severe hankerings for Spring now! Going outside doesn’t satisfy my hankering because everything is covered in snow…so I needed… Read more »


silver  red and gold silver red and gold…Anyone know what song I am singing in my head right now? I will give you a hint…it is a completely different holiday! Well back to February, and Valentines! If you are anything like me…you have these elaborate individualized Valentines planned for each person you are going to give a card to. Realistically that never happens for me! Maybe I can get a few of the really personalized unique Valentines, but the majority of the… Read more »


Happy Monday! So weird that we are already into February, I fell like January only lasted a week! As you might have gathered from my last post, I love love and this holiday we call Valentines day…so I am already thinking of the valentines that I can make people! Im sure everyones mind is turning, thinking of ideas for all your Valentines, and what you should do for them…you have probably found many wonderful ideas from Pinterest! This idea has… Read more »

I don’t know about you, but I have needed a January pick me up. Utah in January is not the prettiest thing I have seen and it is cold! I feel like I am coming down from a sugar high of the holidays, and that January just isn’t as fun. So I decided to beautify…and it probably won’t end for a bit! I wanted to have a saying or a word that just instantly made me smile. Of course it… Read more »