Green has always been one of my favorite colors! It reminds me of the Earth, and that Spring is just around the corner! This is not just a one time hankering…it is all the time! Green is definitely the color for St. Patrick’s day…so all of these things would go nicely for the holiday and for you to wear and use them to be festive!  Check out this awesome green bucket.  Beautiful shoes.  Because you should love animals enough to put… Read more »

Yesterday was all about the ladies…so today is all about the men in our lives! I feel like sometimes the men get overlooked on Valentines day because us ladies are all over this holiday! So maybe we should make them a meal or some dessert? Or maybe you already do that because you are an awesome cook! Whatever the case…here are some gift ideas if you need a little help this year!   Concert tickets…to one of his favorite bands,… Read more »

Hopefully you have already gathered that I am a lady…so I know what im talking about when it comes to the lady gifts! Honestly, my favorite gifts for Valentines have been the meaningful cards and homemade valentines….but if you wan’t to go above and beyond to put a smile on her face…that is totally acceptable! So here are some ideas for your valentine…or for yourself. 😉   Obviously these beauties are always welcome…flowers via StyleMePretty.   This lovely sweater via GypsyThreads…. Read more »


Happy Monday! So weird that we are already into February, I fell like January only lasted a week! As you might have gathered from my last post, I love love and this holiday we call Valentines day…so I am already thinking of the valentines that I can make people! Im sure everyones mind is turning, thinking of ideas for all your Valentines, and what you should do for them…you have probably found many wonderful ideas from Pinterest! This idea has… Read more »