I have a hankering for grey ALL the time! I use this color everywhere and any way I can. Since January seems to be the not so great grey month of the year…I wanted to change my attitude on January and inspire with grey that doesn’t actually make you feel grey!   This room has used a darker grey contrasted with a white ceiling and white accessories. I love that the couch is also darker, so that you notice the… Read more »

Do you catch yourself gazing at subway tile and longing for it to be in your home? I know I do. I love to see different ways that people incorporate subway tile into their design. Currently, I am working on a project for an all white bathroom…and better believe there is subway tile! Can’t wait to share that with you…but until then, here is some inspiration for you to gaze upon! The herringbone pattern creates the perfect detail. Image found here…. Read more »

“Before you put one more thing on your calendar, before you agree to take on a new project, before you say yes to an invitation, before you buy something, even before you eat something, ask yourself one simple question: Is it a “Hell Yes!”?” I have a must read for everyone! Hell Yes by Elizabeth Cogswell Baskin. “Two little words for a simpler, happier life.” It is a short simple book, that made me feel more empowered over my personal time. I… Read more »


Now that it is really 2014, I will embrace the pantone color of 2014…even though we all know the color was released awhile ago:) I wanted to know why this color was chosen, and found this gem of a video. Some of my personal favorites I picked out from this video were exotic, encourages us to innovate, magical, creativity, and touch of uniqueness. I wasn’t sure if I loved this color enough to do anything with it, so I went searching. Here are… Read more »