Remember that one time I disappeared…and it had been so long that I almost forgot how to even blog?!?! That was a rough moment. The good news, I am back and haven’t forgotten! Sorry it took me so long(Mom)! I felt a lot of pressure that when I wrote again that it needed to be an amazing post and that I needed to prove I was awesome…but then I realized that was holding me back from getting back to it…. Read more »

Remember that one time I told you I had been taking a lovely class, Blog With Pip?! Well this idea is from that class and the wonderful Pip over at Meet Me At Mikes! I loved reflecting on multiple things and writing it down in a list. I had always reflected from time to time in the past, but never really thought about writing a list about just the day-to-day things that travel through your mind. I always felt like… Read more »

  This is something I have definitely been having a hard time balancing lately. Sometimes my thoughts just take over my life and they become a bit ridiculous…maybe one of my thoughts was valid and truthful…but then it just keeps going and going and becomes not so valid and truthful. It is definitely frustrating to feel like you have no control over your thoughts and how they are affecting you. Maybe there is a certain situation weighing on your mind… Read more »


I have always loved the Oscars! Maybe it is because I feel glamorous watching everyone arrive in their fancy getup! My family always makes a night of it with good food and great company. This year was a little different…I was lucky enough to volunteer at the Utah Aids Foundation, for their 24th annual Red Carpet Gala!     Yes, my mom did take this picture of the 4 of us before we left…and it felt just like prom:) But look… Read more »