As you might have guessed from the title of this post, Christmas is coming! (I hope you sang the title) And that means…decorations galore! This holiday is so dreamy to me. Red, green, silver, gold, white, and sparkles=happiness. I know everyone has been dying to find a use for all of those pine cones that have fallen from your tree. So here is a fun garland that is super easy, and cheap!


Above, is the finished product. I will show you how to make this!

1. Gather your stash DSC00307
2. Choose your color of choice, and then start painting it. I like to paint instead of dip, so I have more control of how it looks. (Sometimes it can get globs)DSC00315
3. After the pine cone is painted to your desired amount, let dry, and then start with the glitter paint over color. DSC00320DSC00327
4. Wrap wire around pine cone and make a small loop in back, since you will most likely choose a thicker thread to use for the garland. It can be tricky putting them together since all pine cones are different. DSC00345
5. I chose jute because of it’s rustic look. Now thread it through the wire loops and stagger them how you want!DSC00343


I would love to see your finished product!

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