I have a hankering for grey ALL the time! I use this color everywhere and any way I can. Since January seems to be the not so great grey month of the year…I wanted to change my attitude on January and inspire with grey that doesn’t actually make you feel grey!



This room has used a darker grey contrasted with a white ceiling and white accessories. I love that the couch is also darker, so that you notice the grey before the white. It’s easy on the eyes and gets me all giddy.

Maison Hand design, via desiretoinspire.


Simply beautiful. I love that the grey accent wall is seen as a geometric shape, and that you can’t see the full wall at this angle. The pink couch makes this room more of a softer lighter feel. The little details of the decor and furniture are highlighted because the grey is contrasted with the white wall and the lighter furniture pieces. I could just stare at this room for hours and love every minute of it!

Via Incorporated NY.



This beautiful room paired the grey with mustard, and warm wood. It makes the grey feel warmer with the colors they chose. This space is simple, and has so much character. I love all the textiles that were brought into this room!

Via inkandspindle.


I love that the grey is used almost everywhere in this photo. The herringbone grey floor and the grey beamed ceiling…with grey furniture pieces. Even though there is so much grey, the room still looks so light and refreshing. The tall ceilings have given the room this advantage, with the white wall. I also really dig the the pop of color on the wall!

Via somewhere on pinterest.


Dreamy. This kitchen looks so clean and lovely to look at! I love that they grey was used for the cabinets and that you are able to see the wood grains. It gives the color this beautiful texture that is not too overpowering in the room.

Via somewhere on houzz.


The dark grey wall with the lighter bedding instantly drew me in. I used to be all about the printed darker bedding that wouldn’t get as dirty…but now I am totally in love with the lighter bedding. When I look at this bed I feel like I am going to have the most amazing peaceful sleep, and that wall will make me have wonderful creative dreams! I know this could all be in my head…but I feel like it’s really going to happen with a bedroom like this.

Via Adairs.

 Hope you are having a wonderful day!


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