Happy love day everyone!! I hope that you all tell the ones you love how much they mean to you and that you love them of course! And don’t forget the animals…I know Max loves being spoiled and getting an extra long belly rub on love day! :)

Because it is love day, I feel like it is okay to do a little gushing about the handsome man in my life…but I probably won’t tell you everything on my mind, I am definitely less vocal when it comes to my feelings. :) First of all, I dislike when others say that it is a “cheesy cliche” to say that your significant other is your best friend…because they are. You experience everything with them, the good the bad…so yeah, of course Dylan is my best friend! I am so happy that I have him in my life. He just makes everything better…exciting, hilarious, beautiful, and all around amazing!


I remember the night we reconnected being so random and perfect at the same time. We had gone to high school with each other, and no we never dated in high school…and I had just had a conversation with my brother, about how I never wanted to date another guy from high school ever again…because it was horrid. Ha joke was on me, because that night, and other run ins turned out to be this amazing relationship.


One night, we went star gazing randomly…and talked and talked for hours. I got home with the biggest smile on my face, and a new crush I couldn’t stop thinking about. That same weekend we were both heading to Arizona. Me and my best friend visiting her family, and Dylan and his friends going to a concert (RHCP). He ended up scoring us awesome tickets, so there we were at this amazing Red Hot Chili Peppers concert together (but really not sitting by each other). I remember telling Mandi how genuine and nice Dylan was…and that I got the butterflies seeing him…but I would play it cool. I had no idea we would end up dating…or even that I would love this man.


My life with Dylan is full of adventure and love. I absolutely love the fact that we are both passionate about music, which means concerts and new music to experience. We both have this desire to travel and explore the world. He isn’t afraid to try anything, and always encourages me to try whatever I want. I never need to question if he is going to support me in my dreams and things I want to accomplish, because he is right by my side cheering me on, and helping me achieve these things. When I am in a horrible mood, he makes me laugh and puts a smile on my face.


Sometimes, I just can’t believe how lucky I am. Even through the hardest times, he is my rock. I can’t imagine this journey without him in it. I love you Dylan! Happy Valentines day handsome!






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