I love this quote! Not only am I sharing this because February is just like a day away…but because I love love. Yeah, I love sharing love, saying I love you, being in love, loving animals…basically anything that has anything to do with love I am all about it! I feel like sometimes Valentines gets a bad rep. So I challenge everyone to embrace love month and think of this quote…love everyone, it is truly artistic.



hellovalentines for the littles and hellovalentines for the rest of us:)

What an awesome date night to try!

I wouldn’t mind if you made me snickerdoodle waffles this weekend!

I have been wanting to go to the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at the Leonardo…anyone gone?


What are your plans for the weekend? I know this little girl who is turning two, and I can’t wait! Enjoy!




6 thoughts on “loooveeeeeee

  1. alisha aka your biggest fan

    That quote issss wonderful!! I love love love it. Thank you for introducing me, I think I will make it my motto in life. And I too love love :) Valentines is indeed my favorite holiday!! It is sooo romantic :) Happy Valentine’s Day!! What are you doing to celebrate?!


    1. Samantha Knaphus Post author

      Im so glad you love it!! It is one of my favorites! Happy Valentines to you! Ha I don’t even have plans yet…I need to work on my planning skills, that are really not skills! 😉 What are you going to do?!


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