There was this one time…actually two times I went to the most amazing concert. Passenger was playing in San Francisco, so why wouldn’t we go venture out there and see him?? We got there early and propped ourselves right in front of the stage. It was a unique night because he decided not to play the set he had planned, but to play the songs that he felt like playing. I have honestly not seen a better performer…you could feel the passion he has for music along with the passion for his lyrics and how meaningful they are. Every single person was silent as he played…this NEVER happens! Usually there is someone singing along, and I am most likely always that person. This was different, it felt as though it was too beautiful to make any noise. I was speechless of how amazing this concert and experience had turned out. The long horrible drive was worth every hour and hassle. :) He even came out after the show to meet everyone…and I saw him and totally asked for a hug…embarrassing for me and Dylan watching…haha but he was so nice that he really did give me a hug and acted like we were friends. We then got to talk to him for a little bit and get a picture because we are definitely friends. He is so genuine and kind in person. It really makes his music that much more enjoyable knowing he is real and kind.




Then there was a road trip to Portland with my best friend and her hubby for round two of Passenger! Stu Larsen was touring with him at this show…that’s when they played Hearts on Fire…and I fell in love with the song! Okay basically every song…do I seem obsessed?? Don’t worry I’m not a crazy fan, I just get really excited about good music! Again, an amazing show that I thoroughly enjoyed and never wanted it to end! Then we go to meet him again…I kept my cool and did not ask for a hug this time. But we did ask him to sign our poster addressing it to Cher…because he refers to her in one of his songs…and it was too funny to pass up an opportunity like that. I hope that you all go see him in concert, or go on a road trip with me to one of his concerts!




Aww can’t you tell we are all just great friends…and that Adam has his eyes closed because he was too happy to even open them!


Now that I have let you in on some obsessions I will get to why I really wanted to write this post…Passenger has a new album coming out in June…and there is a little preview of what is coming! And that means more concerts…road trip anyone?!




What did you think? Listening again? Yeah, I don’t blame you!





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