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Today I have a little secret to share with everyone! I should probably be more embarrassed to admit this to everyone, but im not because I have loved it so much! Okay, here it is…I do not brush my teeth anymore.

Now that it has sunk in…I have been oil pulling. I have completely ditched my toothpaste, and I am loving it! I first ran into this idea when I was searching on the internet about tooth sensitivity and gum sensitivity. I feel like no matter what I have done, I have always had horrible sensitivity. It was becoming unbearable when I was brushing my teeth and I would flinch from the pain. I had seen a few articles on oil pulling…Wellnessmamahuffingtonpost, and trinaholden…and thought maybe I could do this. I thought about it, and then never really tried it. Then Design Mom, wrote a post on how she had been using this method…and I felt encouragement from someone I have never met, to really try it this time!

There are also supposed to be so many benefits from oil pulling. Some are teeth whitening, relieves toothaches, pulls all the bacteria out of the teeth, and etc…

How do you oil pull?

I put a spoonful of coconut oil in my mouth, let it melt on my tongue, then I start swishing it in my mouth for 20 minutes. Then you spit it out into the trash can(it can clog the sink). I started with coconut oil…and the kind I was using was so disgusting to me, that I switched to olive oil. I am now back to a different brand of coconut oil, but really like both. 20 minutes was really hard for me at first, it felt like a lifetime! I soon realized, that if I were getting ready for the day, cleaning, or just moving around it went by a lot faster. I have oil pulled for 10-15 minutes before, and felt like it didn’t work as well…I actually oil pulled twice the times I didn’t go the full 20 minutes.

How often?

I generally oil pull once a day, first thing in the morning. I thought this was the weirdest because I was used to brushing my teeth 2-3 times a day. At night, I will brush my teeth with warm water if I feel like they are grimy. No toothpaste though.

Do your teeth feel clean?

My teeth feel extremely clean! Oil pulling is getting everything out and it is a completely different feel than brushing your teeth. At first I really missed the minty feeling after brushing your teeth…but I have really noticed that my breath and teeth feel cleaner. My breath seems to be more neutral and smells better…even if it doesn’t have the fresh minty smell right after, my breath just feels and smells better for a longer time.

Still floss?

I do still floss. I generally only floss at night now, because I feel like oil pulling in the morning gets everything.


When I am missing the minty fresh feeling, or I ate too much sugar that day, I will use mouthwash! Sometimes it feels really harsh on my mouth, because I am used to the natural oils. So I don’t use mouthwash every day.

Do I ever use toothpaste anymore?

No. The only time I have tried to use toothpaste was yesterday and today. I have been so sick with a cold that I couldn’t breathe when I was trying to oil pull. I didn’t like it. For 1 second I thought I missed it, and that it was so easy and not so time-consuming. But then my teeth and gums were hurting…and 5 minutes after I brushed my teeth, I felt like they were dirty again. I really missed oil pulling the past two days!

So there it is, my little secret of what has been going on in my dental care world. : )All I know is, my gum and teeth sensitivity has gotten so much better, I notice my teeth getting whiter, and my mouth feels so clean!  What do you think? Would you ever try this? Are you totally disgusted and turned off by this? I hope it intrigued you more than disgusted you!


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  1. Chelsey

    I am so excited to try this! I have OCD and cannot stand the sound and feel of a toothbrush on teeth. It actually makes me cringe. So thank you for this article! I’ve been looking for alternative options (:


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