Hello beautiful lovelies! So today I wanted to share some of my favorite nail polish! It is fitting for this week because it fits in the whole red explosion holiday…but it is not red red…but oxblood! Basically it is perfect all the time and not just in February!



Shearling Darling by Essie

hat, nails, necklace


nails and hat


Yeah I know you want to paint this on your fingernails(this is such a weird word when typing it and saying it to myself) right this very minute…and then you should probably show me! :)

And yes, this is a repeat outfit…just embrace it, because I wear the same of a lot of things all the time!

Enjoy the color and your day!


4 thoughts on “oxblood nails

    1. Samantha Knaphus Post author

      I have never found a yellow that works for me! Maybe because I am so pale:) But I have been wanting to try…I just can’t cope-acabana and Need sunglasses by OPI, they both look so pretty!


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