There was this one time…actually two times I went to the most amazing concert. Passenger was playing in San Francisco, so why wouldn’t we go venture out there and see him?? We got there early and propped ourselves right in front of the stage. It was a unique night because he decided not to play the set he had planned, but to play the songs that he felt like playing. I have honestly not seen a better performer…you could feel the passion he has for music along with the passion for his lyrics and how meaningful they are. Every single person was silent as he played…this NEVER happens! Usually there is someone singing along, and I am most likely always that person. This was different, it felt as though it was too beautiful to make any noise. I was speechless of how amazing this concert and experience had turned out. The long horrible drive was worth every hour and hassle. :) He even came out after the show to meet everyone…and I saw him and totally asked for a hug…embarrassing for me and Dylan watching…haha but he was so nice that he really did give me a hug and acted like we were friends. We then got to talk to him for a little bit and get a picture because we are definitely friends. He is so genuine and kind in person. It really makes his music that much more enjoyable knowing he is real and kind.




Then there was a road trip to Portland with my best friend and her hubby for round two of Passenger! Stu Larsen was touring with him at this show…that’s when they played Hearts on Fire…and I fell in love with the song! Okay basically every song…do I seem obsessed?? Don’t worry I’m not a crazy fan, I just get really excited about good music! Again, an amazing show that I thoroughly enjoyed and never wanted it to end! Then we go to meet him again…I kept my cool and did not ask for a hug this time. But we did ask him to sign our poster addressing it to Cher…because he refers to her in one of his songs…and it was too funny to pass up an opportunity like that. I hope that you all go see him in concert, or go on a road trip with me to one of his concerts!




Aww can’t you tell we are all just great friends…and that Adam has his eyes closed because he was too happy to even open them!


Now that I have let you in on some obsessions I will get to why I really wanted to write this post…Passenger has a new album coming out in June…and there is a little preview of what is coming! And that means more concerts…road trip anyone?!




What did you think? Listening again? Yeah, I don’t blame you!





It’s not even summer yet and I can’t stop dreaming of the beach! It is finally warming up a little in Utah…but once I say that, im sure it will snow or something! That means it is a perfectly good time to dream about my essentials beach list!






My most important essential…sunblock. My dad even renamed my middle name, Samantha Karoline Red Hair Fair Skin Sunblock, Dammit Knaphus…so I would remember my sunscreen and not pretend I could tan. (Thanks Dad!)


Anthropologie swimsuit.




The heartbreaker swimsuit.




cover up


A fun coverup like this pom-pom tunic!




Can’t carry all your stuff without a good looking tote!



Havaianas are so incredibly comfortable, they are a perfect summer addition!



I always like to have an inexpensive pair of sunglasses that I can take to the pool or beach so that I don’t break or lose my favorite pair of expensive ones!


beach babe


I love the way this product smells, and the texture it adds without needing to really do anything with my hair! Not Your Mothers Beach Babe is a summer hair saver!




A pretty hat to protect your face from that harsh sun!


beach towel

What beach trip would be complete without this striped beach towel?!

Of course you need some good jams, good food, good friends, and a good book to make the beach getaway complete! Where have you been day dreaming about?! Have any beach essentials to add that I maybe forgot about? Maybe we should plan a nice little beach vacation? I feel good about it!




Remember that one time I told you I had been taking a lovely class, Blog With Pip?! Well this idea is from that class and the wonderful Pip over at Meet Me At Mikes! I loved reflecting on multiple things and writing it down in a list. I had always reflected from time to time in the past, but never really thought about writing a list about just the day-to-day things that travel through your mind. I always felt like the bigger goals and thoughts only, were paper worthy…but I was wrong! It’s nice to be accountable for your thoughts all the time. :)


Making – Spring bunnies!

Cooking – Pineapple ice cream…frozen pineapple, 1 cup almond milk, and honey…so good!

Drinking – Gingerbread tea…perfect for the snowy spring days:)

Reading – Just finished The Fault In Our Stars, John Green….now I need something just as good! Suggestions??

Wanting – A nice pair of overalls…I am more than excited they have finally come back in style!

Looking – At Emily Henderson’s Air BNB designs…they look so fun to visit! Why stay somewhere boring when you could stay in one of these??

Pondering – How the simple acts of kindness have the biggest impact on others…so why not do something nice every day? Maybe you already do and don’t know it…being more mindful of my attitudes toward others.

Considering – Trying to train myself to be a morning person…seems pretty daunting to change a lifetime of late nights to early mornings.

Watching – This snickers commercial is amazing and makes me smile!

Marveling – At how generous people can be. Have you seen this video? I love nice people!

Needing – An adventure…I am just getting anxious I want to go explore somewhere new so bad!

Smelling – It was the smell of rain, which I absolutely love! Then it turned into snow…

Wearing – My favorite pair of jeans and a sweatshirt…all sorts of fancy today!

Following – @whole30 …I have eaten way too many sweets lately, so getting inspiration from this lovely Instagram page.

Noticing – The little things people do for me, I feel really lucky to know amazing people.

Feeling – Nostalgic about my sweet grandparents. xoxo.

Admiring – My niece. She has such a free spirit, and I can’t wait to see her grow into it.

Sorting – All of my clothes…must get rid of some!

Giggling – My moms awesome butt workout that she used to do…it is hilarious to watch, and yet totally burns!

Snacking – Granola…thanks to Angela for my own bag! I crave granola A LOT, but hardly ever eat it.

Coveting – Tress In Grey Wallpaper, that is not shipped to the U.S. :(

Listening – Passenger has a new song out…and it is amazing of course!


What is on your mind these days? Anything you want to share?! I hope you enjoyed some of me today! Hope you are having a wonderful day!





If you live in Utah, then you are well aware of the crazy weather we have…and how it teases us in every season. A few days ago the sun was out and I wanted to wear sandals and throw away my coats! Now…I want to wear my sweats and cuddle up in my blankets. I was tricked, and I have some severe hankerings for Spring now! Going outside doesn’t satisfy my hankering because everything is covered in snow…so I needed a simple quick fix to remind me that Spring will eventually show its face around here.

I am well aware that Easter is coming and I need some bunnies in my life…and that I would really love to have a green thumb(even though I kill every plant that comes my way). I chose a succulent, hoping that it would be harder to kill. Flowers and plants seriously make me giddy! They have an instant smile/happiness effect on me…so why not try?!






As you can see, my hurricane is somewhat see through…and I wasn’t sold on the black planter showing. So I picked a bright turquoise that made me happy!



I was excited that I could really change color whenever I felt like it!




I was very pleased with how this little plant turned out! It brightened the room with all the snow outside the window!


Then…I NEEDED a bunny!! I am more on the simpler side of decor these days, so I didn’t want anything too much for my bunny decor.



Find any board/backing that you want to display, and print a bunny coloring page from online if you don’t feel confident in your drawing skills.




I chose some vintage floral fabric to make my bunny so that it had Spring written all over it. :)



And then I was feeling like it needed a little touch of fur and an outline…but I didn’t want anything too bold, so I went with tiny nails of course! They are so small that they aren’t too noticeable, but they add a nice touch.

spring duo

spring duo


spring duo


spring duo


Are you going to add a floral bunny to your collection? Maybe you have a green thumb and will give me some magic? I hope you all have a wonderful Monday lovelies!!