I have always loved the Oscars! Maybe it is because I feel glamorous watching everyone arrive in their fancy getup! My family always makes a night of it with good food and great company.

This year was a little different…I was lucky enough to volunteer at the Utah Aids Foundation, for their 24th annual Red Carpet Gala!




Yes, my mom did take this picture of the 4 of us before we left…and it felt just like prom:) But look at my sister in laws fab makeup she did for the party!

My older brother has been doing a practicum with the Aids Foundation, and asked me and Dylan if we wanted to Volunteer that night with him…we of course said yes to this opportunity! It was a Gatsby theme this year, and everyone was dressed so fantastically!

It was so fun sharing this experience with so many people that were there to help this cause, and be a supportive community. Everyone was so friendly and fun! The food was delicious, Gatsby attire was red carpet worthy, the live entertainment for commercial breaks was phenomenal, every single silent auction item was a treasure, the event was beautiful, the Oscars were amazing as always, and the event ended up raising over $80,000! SUCCESS!! What caring, generous people attended the event…I would highly recommend joining in on the fun next year! I loved having more of a purpose for the Oscars…it just made it that much better!













We definitely enjoyed ourselves! And of course I loved swooning over all of those amazing dresses and handsome suits! I couldn’t stop gushing over Lupita and Matthew…who were your top dressed lovelies? My number one was Ellen…when she came out in the Wizard of Oz gear. But probably the best moment was when the pizza delivery man came and delivered pizza…I couldn’t stop laughing! I know you thought it great, and wanted someone to deliver pizza to you! :)

What did you do for the Oscars?! Thinking of maybe going to this event next year?!




When Spring starts to creep up on me, I start to get this itch, that I need to completely redo my bedroom…because how it is now, just isn’t cutting it! Do you feel like that? Im sure if I waited the feeling out, it would pass. But I couldn’t wait…so I decided to put together a little bit of a feminine bedroom together to dream about! It’s helping my itch to even just pretend I am sprucing up my room right this very minute with all these beauties…

room spruce up

First, let’s envision this room with light/warm grey walls…because grey walls make me happy. But these items would look good with other colors as well…maybe white, royal blue, coral, striped, brick, dark grey, wood, basically any neutral, and etc…

1. Agate bookends, perfect for adding a touch of color…but focusing on the outdoors and natural beauty.

2. I just wanted a splash of white fluff…and this Pillow was perfect for that!

3. Gold, polka dot sheets…what a dream!

4. An elegant, and unique headboard to fit perfectly with the feminine spruce up!

5. I absolutely adore this bedspread! The paint strokes are so calming and exciting to me. It provides the perfect amount of color!

6. And a gold, side table to use as your nightstand…I am there! I am all about simplicity these days. This is simple, yet beautiful and charming.

7. Sick of the normal bedside lamps like I am?! I love that this lamp is just the bulb with a touch of wood. Perfect for that whole simplicity thing I have a hankering for. :)

8. And you can’t forget a little wall love, to spice things up! I was totally sold on the fact that this deer is a smaller version. It is just the right size to hang in that room of yours, that really isn’t all that big…but you have just been wanting one of these babies so bad!


What is your room hankering for? All I want is light, color, nature, and calm for my dreary basement room…

Have a fantastic weekend lovelies!!







So I have been taking an awesome class this month, Blog With Pip from amazing Pip! If you don’t know who she is, you should…check out Meet Me At Mikes…you will love it! I started this class thinking how easy and great it would be…it’s still great…but when did I forget that you need to schedule time to be productive to do your homework?! I need to constantly remind myself that I don’t have all the time in the world to do everything I want whenever I want! But im sure we all have a similar problem…unless you are really disciplined…then you should probably come give me a boot camp in staying on task! :)

Our little assignment was to take 5 photos of our weekend…which mine is maybe one of the weekend trickling into the week! I liked taking the photos because I like documenting what im doing, and I need to do it more often!


take five


I LOVE leopard! I have a hankering for it all the time! But it needs to be classy and well done…not just any leopard will do! But these shoes I have loved since I first saw them…and I wear them almost every single day! They are dying, and will soon have holes and I wont be able to wear them anymore. :(




I started reading this book because I was so interested in the company that she started, The Honest Company. (Thanks to Janaan for getting Franklin adorable diapers!) I love where the idea comes from, and living an honest life seems so invigorating and rebellious these days!


take five


I could watch this documentary over and over again…I already talked about it here, but I honestly love it. You never really think about what people go through when reaching for their dreams. Since I had seen this before the Olympics (and after), it made me look at the sports and what these athletes were doing completely different than I used to when I would watch. I flinched and gasped a little every time someone fell.


take five


I love my purple Nike running shoes! They make me happy and excited to put them on. I used to run all the time, and then I got out of the groove of going. It sucks building your endurance back to running…sometimes it makes me not want to run anymore…but I just have to remind myself that I used to love it and it does feel good. Does anyone else have this problem?


take five


My best ideas come to me when I am writing, doodling, coloring, painting, and etc. I need to physically have something in my hand that I can write with and see the color go onto the paper. I don’t have the best handwriting or art skills…but it gets the idea out there and in action for me.


What have you been up to this week? Want to record motivational messages for me so I can keep running? Or you can just come color with me…I am totally fine with that!






So it has been a little bit warmer lately…with no snow! The weekend weather was so beautiful, it felt amazing going outside with the sun shining on your face without feeling the freezing cold! So I celebrated with a casual look hoping for more warm days! I didn’t even need a coat! And I am a baby when it comes to coats…so you know that it must have been warm if I wasn’t wearing a coat!


tag photo-1-2


tag photo-1













Older sweater via J Crew Factory.

J Brand jeans via Downeast.

Older shirt under sweater via Anthropologie.

Shoes via Sundance Catalog.

Watch via WeWood.

I hope you are enjoying this warm weather while it lasts!! What are your no coat outfits looking like?