The other week I got to spend time at The Paint Mixer, and it was an amazing afternoon! I went with my mom and my aunt for a day of wonderful times to be had! Not going to lie, I was not so sure about going to a painting class…I have never been much of an artist, and always felt overwhelmed of what to paint and how to go about it. Give me something to build or design and I will go wild…but put a paintbrush in my hand and I will freeze. Surprisingly, I absolutely loved this class! I was able to see how the teacher would go about it, and then add my own spin to it. It felt therapeutic and exhilarating to be painting and creating. There are several classes you can choose from that last a couple hours. I would highly recommend signing yourself up for a class…even if you think you can’t paint, you will be impressed with yourself!











 We even took some selfies because we were having that much fun!


 Look at their awesome glasses! Of course they both have brightly colored red and blue!






In the end, every single painting turned out different! We were all using the same colors and learning from the same teacher. I love that we were all able to put our own creative touch to the same theme. It turns out I enjoyed painting, and that I actually could do it! All my fears about putting a paint brush in my hand were demolished at this class. The teacher was so encouraging and had so many compliments to give everyone. I can’t wait for another day at paint class!

Would you try a class like this? If you do, I want to see your art! Enjoy your weekend!



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  1. Stacey Harris Becker

    I thought I would freeze up too!!!! Had a great time with you Ms. Sammy and I would do this again in a New York minute!


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