silver  red and gold silver red and gold…Anyone know what song I am singing in my head right now? I will give you a hint…it is a completely different holiday!

Well back to February, and Valentines! If you are anything like me…you have these elaborate individualized Valentines planned for each person you are going to give a card to. Realistically that never happens for me! Maybe I can get a few of the really personalized unique Valentines, but the majority of the time they look the same.

Our lack of time doesn’t mean they need to look horrid though, right?! So I wanted to share a unique way to make your own homemade Valentines…that can get more than one out of the idea!

You will need…

-Scraps of paper, and if you are lucky some mat board lying around

-Pretty paint


-Mod Podge




I used a heart shaped cookie cutter to trace onto my mat board.


I painted strokes of gold and glitter over the traced heart.


I then painted Mod Podge along the pencil traced heart…then sprinkled glitter where the Mod Podge was.


For some hearts, I just traced the heart in a gold sharpie.


All of the Valentines have the same general theme…gold and red…and then one black thrown in there! I just used the gold sharpie again to write xoxo.




To finish it off, write a sweet little note about why they make you happy and why you love them! Enjoy your crafting or running to the store for candy! Lots of love to you wonderful people!



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