Remember that one time I told you I had been taking a lovely class, Blog With Pip?! Well this idea is from that class and the wonderful Pip over at Meet Me At Mikes! I loved reflecting on multiple things and writing it down in a list. I had always reflected from time to time in the past, but never really thought about writing a list about just the day-to-day things that travel through your mind. I always felt like the bigger goals and thoughts only, were paper worthy…but I was wrong! It’s nice to be accountable for your thoughts all the time. :)


Making – Spring bunnies!

Cooking – Pineapple ice cream…frozen pineapple, 1 cup almond milk, and honey…so good!

Drinking – Gingerbread tea…perfect for the snowy spring days:)

Reading – Just finished The Fault In Our Stars, John Green….now I need something just as good! Suggestions??

Wanting – A nice pair of overalls…I am more than excited they have finally come back in style!

Looking – At Emily Henderson’s Air BNB designs…they look so fun to visit! Why stay somewhere boring when you could stay in one of these??

Pondering – How the simple acts of kindness have the biggest impact on others…so why not do something nice every day? Maybe you already do and don’t know it…being more mindful of my attitudes toward others.

Considering – Trying to train myself to be a morning person…seems pretty daunting to change a lifetime of late nights to early mornings.

Watching – This snickers commercial is amazing and makes me smile!

Marveling – At how generous people can be. Have you seen this video? I love nice people!

Needing – An adventure…I am just getting anxious I want to go explore somewhere new so bad!

Smelling – It was the smell of rain, which I absolutely love! Then it turned into snow…

Wearing – My favorite pair of jeans and a sweatshirt…all sorts of fancy today!

Following – @whole30 …I have eaten way too many sweets lately, so getting inspiration from this lovely Instagram page.

Noticing – The little things people do for me, I feel really lucky to know amazing people.

Feeling – Nostalgic about my sweet grandparents. xoxo.

Admiring – My niece. She has such a free spirit, and I can’t wait to see her grow into it.

Sorting – All of my clothes…must get rid of some!

Giggling – My moms awesome butt workout that she used to do…it is hilarious to watch, and yet totally burns!

Snacking – Granola…thanks to Angela for my own bag! I crave granola A LOT, but hardly ever eat it.

Coveting – Tress In Grey Wallpaper, that is not shipped to the U.S. :(

Listening – Passenger has a new song out…and it is amazing of course!


What is on your mind these days? Anything you want to share?! I hope you enjoyed some of me today! Hope you are having a wonderful day!





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