This picture takes me back to this moment, when I just stood overlooking this beautiful place and feeling so much gratitude for everything in my life.

Today is Thanksgiving, and a day to remember to be thankful…and eat food. This day really puts into perspective how much I have to be thankful for, and that I should remember this every day; not just the day we celebrate it. So I will just give you 30 things so you don’t feel obligated to read a never ending post.

1 Fall…the leaves changing, crisp air, hot drinks, fires, cozy blankets, cozy sweats

2 Laughter…it brings pure joy to my life

3 Good food…im a sucker for food

4 Music…it makes the world go round

5 My love…he makes everything better and makes my life rich

6 Creativity and art…can’t imagine a life without it

7 The outdoors…because being outside is awesome

8 My families sense of humor…we are hilarious and ruthless with one another

9 Adventures…to anywhere and doing anything

10 inspiration from others…it is greatly appreciated and welcomed with open arms

11 Books…they bring ideas and imagination

12 My dogs…I love animals a great deal (maybe a little overboard sometimes)

13 Sweet notes…brightens my day and puts a smile on my face

14 Friends…they fully embrace and love you and your weirdness

15 Cozy blankets…I love to wrap myself up in them

16 Family traditions…they are outrageously awesome

17 Christmas time…I love all holidays and am a sucker for any kind of get together

18 Travel…experiencing new places and different cultures

19 The little day to day things…like showering

20 My niece…and the hugs and cuddles that don’t happen that often

21 Awkward moments…they turn into spectacular stories

22 Love…I am really sensitive and emotional and can’t say “I love you” enough

23 The kids and families I work for…they are some amazing people

24 My grandparents…they really had the best grandparents in the world thing going for them

25 Football season…if it wasn’t for my grandpa, I probably would have never really cared

26 Design…it’s a passion of mine

27 Opportunities…for growth, experience, failures, and success

28 My family…the old and the new…I don’t know where I would be without them. Every single one of them enhances my life so much. I love you family!

29 Late night chats…they always leave me feeling filled up

30 Chocolate…I have a weakness, and I am really okay with it


I hope you have the most amazing day filled with love, food, and good company! Happy Thanksgiving!

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