I’m pretty positive you have been having a real hankering for some S’Mores…because I know I have! ( And if I were being honest, there is never a time I don’t have a hankering for S’Mores. They are my weakness.) Since I don’t have a fire pit or a working fireplace and I am sick of using the stove top to roast my mallows…I needed to get more creative! So I was looking through Pinterest and came across S’Mores stuffed cookies and S’Mores dip. I thought about making one of these dishes, and then I decided to tweak it a little and make S’Mores, the perfect bite.


perfect bite


All you need is the basics…graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate(I think you should splurge for the good chocolate chips on this).

– I used my cast iron aebleskiver pan to create the perfect bite.

– Crush the graham crackers so that they are smaller pieces, but still a little chunky. Maybe even add some melted butter with the mixture so they stick a little better together.

– Put the graham cracker mixture down first, then sprinkle with chocolate chips, and top it with a marshmallow!

– Preheat oven to 450, bake the perfect bite for about 9 minutes…or until marshmallow is golden brown.

– The chocolate chips might seem like they haven’t melted at first…but they have, and they will taste delicious!


perfect bite



perfect bite


Oh, and you should probably have an indoor picnic for your indoor perfect bite S’Mores. It will be a perfectly enjoyable time! :)


Do you love S’Mores as much as I do? If so, are you going to try these?! If you do…can I come to the picnic to enjoy them with you??




6 thoughts on “the perfect bite

  1. lish

    I would like one NOW please!! why don’t we hang out more?? you are always cooking something delicioso or doing something fantastically creative. we should be BFF! invite ME to your picnic!!!! although this suspiciously looks like it took place on valentines day……..


    1. Samantha Knaphus Post author

      I would just love to hangout with you more and make treats!! I really do enjoy the muddy buddies you make:) maybe we should have a date soon? Haha and you totally caught me…it was a picnic for Valentines! But we can have one any day!


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