This is something I have definitely been having a hard time balancing lately. Sometimes my thoughts just take over my life and they become a bit ridiculous…maybe one of my thoughts was valid and truthful…but then it just keeps going and going and becomes not so valid and truthful. It is definitely frustrating to feel like you have no control over your thoughts and how they are affecting you.

Maybe there is a certain situation weighing on your mind that you cant quite shake. One thought can ruin your entire day or week if you let your mind go wild…and if only it was the positive thoughts we held onto. Most of the time it’s our negative thoughts that seem to make themselves right at home and never leave…not the positive/great thoughts. I feel everything so deeply, that sometimes it just takes a toll on me. I find myself looking at this quote feeling like “you are so right Buddha!”…and then I feel less crazy. :)  If you feel like this never happens to you, then I want your secrets and for you to give me pep talks!

I have found that I can’t always be on my “A” game, I will get my feelings hurt, and sometimes you just need to be sad about the things that are sad. The hard part is not letting your mind take complete control of your emotions. This is why I love Buddha and his words of wisdom. I try to look at this quote to remind myself to take a breather and not let my mind rule me.

I read an article on 30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself, and the whole time I was reading thinking to myself “YEAH, don’t do that to yourself!”. I loved how the article was basically telling me that it’s okay, and you are pretty wonderful! (Even though those exact words weren’t written, I felt like they were.) We are so hard on ourselves, the absolute hardest critiques. Sometimes it is hard to remember that it’s okay not to be perfect, or that one bad situation isn’t going to ruin everything. Let’s rule our mind instead of it ruling us…and be kinder to ourselves because we are all pretty awesome and have something amazing to give!

Thanks for letting me rant a little about how crazy my mind feels sometimes:) I almost didn’t  say anything…but I love this quote and list too much not to share.






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